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Poster: duckpond74 Date: Jul 17, 2010 9:21am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: TDIH - 7-17-76

I'm sure many of you already know - and love - this show. But if you are not familiar with this treasure, start with Comes A Time with it's dark, introspective rainy skies feel and be transported on a wonderful roller coaster ride of moody jams, ebulent joyous jams, dynamic shifts, song teases and sweet segues that should bring grins and smiles at several points along the way. The 'Comes A Time -> Goin' Down The Road' sequence is, in my opinion, one of the most sublime performances from the band - ever. Sure, there are different sets that others will hold dear to their hearts and ears . . . but on this night, the boys (no Donna this second set) were listening to each other and firing on all cylinders.

I'd go with this matrix, as the soundboard has some serious gaps that when blended nicely, as Chris has done here, creates a warm 'in the room and on the side of the stage' inviting feel to it. The Orpheum has a nice intimate ambient sound that works well with the matrix. The 'Not Fade Away' starts out triumphantly bombastic then chills out nicely to send you on your way. Enjoy.

The next night's incredible second set - though quite a different feel to it from piling on the 'hits' for the national radio audience' - is a wonderful compliment to this show. The 18th is more about the songs and the 17th is more about the grooves. Listen to both nights - a great way to spend your summer weekend.

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Poster: deadmax Date: Jul 17, 2010 9:20am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: TDIH - 7-17-76

07-17-76 Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, Ca. (Sat)

1: Promised, Half Step, Mama Tried, Deal, Minglewood, Peggy-O, Big River, Sugaree, Johnny B. Goode

2: Samson, Comes A Time> Drums> Other One> Space>Eyes> Jam>Other One> GDTRFB> Saturday Night

E1: U. S. Blues E2: NFA

Donna was absent during the second set

This show is just phenomenal from beginning to end. Sometimes it’s Bobby, sometimes Phil, but tonight you can tell Jerry is the one pushing the band. Every song has them all present, listening to each other and bringing everyone in the room together as a unified whole. Beautiful stuff. I don’t even know that I can pick a standout song. The only “not great” song is JBG but waddaya expect? If I had to try: Peggy-O goes to great heights, Big River has all the jams, Sugaree is stunning. Comes a Time and the jam after are incredible. Eyes of the World is joy entering the world. NFA is very different and very good.

Keith is very Boogie-Woogie on this run with his piano, almost sounding like he’s pumping it

PROMISED LAND starts us off and you can tell this is a good version. It doesn’t completely rock out but there is an intensity here that the band keeps up with until the double encore. HALF STEP is a slow version that doesn’t have Jerry really belting out the notes and the words but every note is thought out and placed on the canvas expertly. MAMA TRIED, well at least it wasn’t’ MAMU. DEAL is the old version, kinda slow, but right on the money. MINGLEWOOD is what it is and they do it well tonight. PEGGY-O has the jams that build to other jams and Jerry’s voice is spot on. This is a beautiful version of the song and my favorite so far this year. BIG RIVER does all the right things and has the Keith jams and has them keeping the tempo going and really having a good time with it. SUGAREE is only 10 minutes long but it is stunning in its simplicity and quiet over-statement. Jerry hits some high marks around 8:20 mark. This is not a monster version but it is deceptively intense. They could have ended the set here but they decided to do JBG. I’m thinking they never practiced this song together and just figured it was such a simple song that they could just play it and it would sound good. I’ve heard very few good versions but this is not one of them.

SAMSON starts off the 2nd set (surprise!) but it is a decent version and I actually enjoyed it. COMES A TIME is one of the more beautiful versions I’ve ever heard, sheer heraldry. Jerry has his voice just the way the song needs it to be, soft but very, very emotional. At about the 9 minute mark they go into the OUTRO JAM but it is nothing that sounds like comes a time. It is 6 ½ minutes of the jazziest Dead you’ve heard then right towards the end you hear a little bit of The Other One but instead they go into a 2 min. DRUMS before really taking off into THE OTHER ONE. This is good and fits perfectly. It keeps up with the rest of the show. At about the 6:45 mark they go into SPACE. That’s all this can be called. It goes out to Jupiter, spins around the asteroid belt a few times then just floats along in the black void as stars twinkle and comets race by. There’s even a little alien transmission if I’m not mistaken. With 2 minutes left, they begin what appears to be a slight semblance of actual music as they head back for the bright blue ball. As they begin to circle the Earth they take the jam into an EYES OF THE WORLD groove. The song itself is only about 9 minutes with the last 7 being another JAM that rightfully belongs to Bob. Jerry stays in the background while Bobby plays with tones and notes. In the final 1 ½ minutes you can hear them building up to Going Down the Road and this would have made a powerful transition but instead they drop it down then roar back into THE OTHER ONE. They play the second verse then, dutifully, give us GDTRFB. This is not a rabble-rousing version more of a subdued chaos if you will. It goes on for a while but it doesn’t seem to go to the heights yet it is very controlled and has that intensity the rest of the show has. The outro include a little China Cat tease from Bobby. They take it out of Goin Down the Road and deftly land right into OMSN. This version starts off a little on the slow side but builds to satisfying, crowd-crunching close.

Encore of US BLUES is actually pretty good and I might come back to this one often. They tell the crowd good night after this but you can hear Jerry and Phil tuning, then Phil tells the crowd to shut up so they can tune. Bobby says something here but I can’t tell what it is. The drummers start up again and we are treated to a NFA 2nd encore. This is a really interesting version. Like the rest of the show it doesn’t really rock out but is more an exploration of the song. They take it big in places but also get very “small” sometime in the second 7 minutes then come back with the last verse. Cool version. Cool show.

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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: Jul 17, 2010 9:50pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: TDIH - 7-17-76

maybe the tapes don't all exist , but a Orpheum set would be the cat's pajamas !